Elton John – Rocketman Still Rocks!!

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph one of my all time favourite performers onstage, Sir Elton John.  The legendary British rocker played to a capacity crowd at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton.  Sir Elton and his band performed greatest hits including ‘Your Song’, ‘I’m Still Standing’, ‘Rocket Man’, and my personal fave, ‘Tiny Dancer’.


  1. Hi Mr. Perniac,
    Elton is one of my favourite performers too and I wish I could have heard “Tiny Dancer” live onstage in Hamilton. Actually, the song makes me think of a East Hamiltonian who can dance and dance and dance some more. Funny how it takes me back! The picks are great Brent and Elton you are a fabulous man!

  2. Hi Again Pernica,

    Yes I do agree, he is a legendary British “rocker” and his performances are breathtaking. Considering he’s one of your all time favourites, you must have more fantastic photos and memories of Sir E from previous concerts. I’m sure fans from all over would appreciate to see and hear about your collection of the many incarnations of this wonderful artist?

    By the way, I still remember the opening intro to the Dini Petty show on Citytv, “I’m still standing.” A guilty pleasure of mine. Where are the eighties?